Titan Portfolio Services offers a number services for every phase of an asset's development and management. In order to provide the greatest benefit for clients, TPS engages on both scope specific and general advisory levels. To illustrate just a portion of the depth of services available a listof offerings is provided by phase below.

Phase I

Focusing Dreams into a Vision

Preliminary Tasks

Letter of Intent - Draft & Preliminary Negotiation


          Execution of Memorandum of Understanding 

          Review of Park Covenants 

          Initiate Permanent Financing Documents 

          Initiate Developer's Agreement 


          Preliminary Architectural Site Plan Building Coverage / FAR 

          Preliminary Parking Study and Required Setbacks per Zoning 

          Site Access and Circulation Study 

          Preliminary Architectural Elevations 

     Market Analysis

          Lease/Sale Comp Study  

          Current Market Vacancy/Absorption Census/Churn Analysis

          Current Market Demographics 

          Feasibility Study 

Due Diligence 


          Negotiate Agreement of Purchase and Sale 

          Negotiate Leasing Agreement if Applicable 

          Negotiate and Execute Land Sale Contract 

          Title Research and Review 


          Architectural Concept Site Plan 

          Capacity Study 

               Site - Building and Parking Areas 

               Site - Storm Water and Sewer Plans 

               Site - Conceptual Grades 

     Environmental Review 

          Phase I Report 

     Geo-technical Review 

          Test Borings / Earthquake Certification and Specifications 

     Site Engineering Review 

          Preliminary Mass Grading Plan 

          Preliminary ALTA Survey 

     Site Contractor 

          Preliminary Pricing 

     Building Contractor 

          Preliminary Pricing 

     Hard Deposit Date Execution

Phase II

Adapting Visions into Reality


Land Purchase 


          Agreement of Purchase and Sale / Amendments 

          Deposits / Wire Transfers 

          Settlement Statements 

          Tax Bill / Assessments 

          On Site / Off Site Easement Agreements 

          Association Letters / Approvals 


          Title Commitment / Report 

          Title Endorsements 

               Covenants / Restrictions 

               ALTA Survey with Specific Lender Requirements 



               Easement Agreements 

               Lender Reviews & Approvals 


          Land Acquisition Commission 

          Land Recording Costs 

          Construction Mortgage Recordation 

          Construction Loan Administration Fee 

          Debt / Equity Placement Fees 


     Site Plan Approvals 

          Final Grading Plans 

          Final Topographical Study and Building Elevations 

     Engineering Approvals 

          Storm Water Management Plan 

          Land Use and Zoning Regulation Reviews 

          Utility Load Requirements 


               Natural Gas 



          Adequate Public Sewage 

          Adequate Public Water Capacity  

     Environmental Approvals 

          Critical Area Issues / Permits 

          Wetlands / Wetland Mitigation 

          Phase II Environmental Study 

     Geo-technical Approvals 

          Final Borings and Analyses for Building and Parking Areas including Earthquake Certifications 

     Application Permit Documents 

          Engineering Permit Application Documents 

               Utility Connections with Site and Building 

               Roadways and Intersections Designed per Zoning 

               Sprinkler and Fire Protection Engineered for User / Shell 

          Architectural Bid Sets with LEED Analysis 

          Architectural Permit Application Documents incl. Structural Drawings 

               Mechanical Drawings 

               Electrical Drawings 

               Civil Drawings 

               Plumbing Drawings 

               Landscape Permit Plans per Zoning 

     Permit Applications & Plan Reviews 

          Fees and Bonds 

               Grading Permit Application Fee 

               Grading Permit & Sediment Control Performance Bond 

               Building Permit Application Fee 

               Offsite Drainage Fee 

               Capital Connection Charges 

               System Expansion Charges 

               Utility Inspection Fee 

               Utility Agreement Payment Bond 

               Utility Agreement Performance Bond 

               Utility Agreement Maintenance Bond 

               SWM Construction and Completion Bond 

               SWM Maintenance Bond 

               Transportation Impact Fees 

               Landscaping Inspection Fees 

               Landscaping Performance Bond 

               Landscaping Maintenance Bond 



          Common Elements to Project 

               Regional Storm Water Construction, Maintenance and Management 

               Project Entry and Signage 

               Public Sewer Extensions 

               Public Water Extensions 

               Utility Company Trenching 

               Telephone Extensions / Towers 

               Gas Extensions / Electrical Extensions / Cable Extensions 

     Site Construction 

          Costs Attributable to the Land 

               Site Preparation 

               Site Remediation 


               Drainage and Containment / SWM 

               Paving & Bases 

               Site Planting and Restoration 

     Shell Construction 

          Hard Costs 

               All Shell improvements approved within Final Permit Plan Sets 

          Soft Costs 

               General Contractor O/H & Fee 

               Construction Manager O/H & Fee 

               Project Contingency 

          Misc. Costs 

               Legal - Acquisition and Financing 

                    Purchase Contract 

                    Construction/Permanent Financing 

                    Venture Ownership Documentation 

               3rd Party Inspecting Engineer 

               RE Taxes during Development 

               Construction Loan Interest 

               Development Fee 

               Marketing Expenses 

               Accounting Services - Tax Prep & Audits 

     Tenant Improvements 

          Hard Costs 

               All Tenant improvements approved within Final Permit Plan Sets 


               Design and Permit Application Drawings 


               Review and Negotiation of Tenant Lease 

          Operating Expenses 

               L/L's Cost to Supply Utilities to Unoccupied Spaces 


               Exterior Lighting 

               Ground Maintenance 

               Property Management Fees 


               Fed-Ex, Couriers, Plan Reproduction

Phase III

Turning Reality into Profitability


Property Management 

     Operating Reports

          Cash Flow Reconciliation 

          Income Statement 

          Variance Report 

          Balance Sheet 

          Cash Receipts 

          Aged Receivables 

          Rent Roll 

          General Ledger 

Portfolio Management 

     Investment Analysis 

          Capital Budgeting 

          Cost of Equity 

          Cost of Debt Capital 



          Payback Period 

     Financial Analysis 

          Debt to Asset Ratio 

          Debt to Equity Ratio 

          P/E Ratio 

          Return on Equity (ROE) 

          Return on Assets (ROA) 

Advisory Services 

     Managing and Rebalancing 

          Asset Allocations by Property Type 

          Investment Goals 

          Risk Tolerance 

          Investment Horizon 

     Disposition Analysis - Asset Preservation 


          1031 Exchanges