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Titan Portfolio Services has one simple mission: to serve clients in the development, tracking, and fine-tuning of successful asset based portfolios. The firm exists to help clients build diversified portfolios based upon their goals, interests, and comfort levels. As a division of Prometheus Capital, Titan Portfolio Services presents a comprehensive and unified mix of financial resources, creativity, and operational expertise to generate and maintain high-performance asset properties via honest, proven, and unbiased advisory services.

The Portfolio Journey

Dreams to Vision

Taking a dream and developing it into an executable vision requires a tremendous amount of focus. The gift of focus, although crucial to developing the central goals of a project, often leads to many missed opportunities and costly oversights. The team at TPS is here to help free the client's vision from the bonds of minutia, while ensuring it is founded on a strong business foundation.

Vision to Reality

TPS services include comprehensive consultations to facilitate successful financial and construction phase processes. Tasks such as Capital Sourcing, Entity Structuring, Site Acquisition, Market Viability Analysis, Construction Oversight, Governmental Approvals, and Incentive Sourcing can all become barriers to the creation of  thriving assets. They can also present opportunities relative to acquiring assets under development.

Reality to Profitability

Many client's come to TPS with new or recent acquisitions. Clients who started with TPS have a clear plan and strategy for launching and managing their assets. Those that are new clients to the firm come seeking guidance to better manage or, in some cases, even turn-around under-performing assets. To this end, TPS provides a full range of Property Management, Portfolio Management, and Operational Advisory Services.

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